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Picasso Painting Guernica

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Some of Picasso’s work stems from the cubist movement. As you can see above he uses fairly two dimmensional shape to construct his scene. Triangles, cylinders, ovals, squares and rectangles form his scene of the Spainish civil war. A powerful painting, massive in size and only in black, white and gray. Simplicity yes weighted with death and despair and yet hope, as he has painted one candle and one light bulb, but then again, he has also painted one knife. The Basque region of northern Spain offers a linguistic phenomenon given that the language spoken in this region is nothing like French nor Spanish. How can a language be formed that seemingly has no influcene from surrounding source? Politics? Determination of a people? Perhaps. Nonetheless the war effected Picasso is such a way to inspire him to create such a message. Notice the offset eyes of some his characters, crazed with fear, yet tragically beautiful and captured forever. I bow to you Picasso.


Written by thementalmuseum

April 7, 2009 at 8:42 am

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