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Michalengelo Pistoletto and the figure

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Since its earliest depiction, the figure has remained a mirroring muse. Male or female, from and within one outlet to another, the figure attracts. The figure retracks, and the figure changes, bends, decomposes and in most every ecological society, the human figure must be clothed while on public display. However, choice of alter is only partial key to determining what lies within. Based on some notion of supply and demand, population dictates society’s stock. Of course not just clothes, but material, mass  and what lies beyond in general; road signs, posters, magazines and adverts, restaurants and other service facilities. How is this choice dictated? Popular consensus, budget, aestheics, practicality, or even carelessness. Filial relation, human nature and common idioms among many other elements of thought help dictate these choices humans must make on a day to day basis. With what clothe to arm themselves with, which inevidabley will have some impact, based on perception, on the remaining time and experience in the chosen garment. Not just choice, but event and company alters the thought. Carelessness or indirect unawareness are freeless freedoms of nievity and perhaps innocents in terms of altering display. If a people could come to the understanding that this is all based on pomp and circumstance, and means nothing but vanity and meeting parallel cohabitants, one can still be inclined to think egalitarianism could not be achieved. Politics, history, personal experience, memories, trama, documents and media ultimately dictate. And as creatures of choice, we are at the mercy of where the wind takes us and what we see and what we are told and how in turn we are effected and left with the representational Pistoletto’s Pile of Rags; Choice. And here we see choice mirroring gift (the body) which one can perhaps comprehend to be either bipolars or a halfway point; its median. And with that stated, perhaps the full equation of pomp, circumstance, choice, perception, reception, time and place is the secular mean. In due course, the highest frequency of occurances of the same choice then becomes its mode. And then range must be the individual length duration of which this mode can withstand.


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June 8, 2009 at 11:49 pm

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