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Orientalism is an era in history that one would think is tied to the Fast East. Rather, the art stemming from this era tells of journeys made to the Near East or the Middle East rather. English and French voyagers paved paths and made accessible the gems of the Middle East. Culture, tile work, probably music and women. I suppose depending on what you read, art was born in this era when these men began to paint what they saw and what they experienced. Traveling along the Nile, Sheikhs were depicted in proud head robes and vast landscapes were captured with brush and even on plate. Pale Moorish women were painted in poses reflecting Venus di Milo suggesting women were taken on these trips, or perhaps they were already there from earlier histories of trade and conquest. Gypsies painted playing music or with solomon eyes and Syrian trecks across deserts depicting dry land and dead animals. Art of the Orient tells its own tale of trade, knowledge and inspiration. Meanwhile, the foreshadowing Klimt is painting away in Austria, and the flood gates open. Notice her circles and his squares and the beautiful patch of flowers they kneel upon.


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April 20, 2009 at 5:45 am

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